Saturday, February 22, 2014

Be Careful What You Ask For!

    The other day I was overloaded with homework and emailed Shawn while I was at work asking him if he would make dinner that night. Cheerfully and sweetly he obliged...
   Now I understand the unwritten rule that beggars can't be choosers, but can't there be just a little leeway in that rule? What happened next will make you agree with me!
   I got off work around 5 pm and walked home. As I stepped into the house I was overjoyed to see Shawn at the stove making dinner (I was starving). He was making his specialty- pasta. But to my horror I saw the pineapple can out and open ready for use.
   Just a little Adame history- while Shawn and I were engaged he would frequently make lunch for me while I was working. One afternoon he made me pineapple and onion pasta. It was not, as you may be thinking, a pineapple-onion infused pasta sauce lightly drizzled over spaghetti. It was quite literally pineapple chunks (from a can) and a raw chopped up onion, all mixed together in pasta. Yum!
   Back to the present. I stood there next to the stove watching the pineapple can. I knew where this was going. I tried politely asking for pineapple on the side. This did not work. The whole can was dumped in and we enjoyed a quiet dinner of pineapple pasta. At least we did not have any onions in the house!
The Infamous Dish- and yes those chunks are the Pineapple!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Refashion Saturday!

      The other day my friend Rachel and I were talking about all the projects we want to do and decided we should ACTUALLY do them! So she came over on Saturday and we plugged in our sewing machines and turned on " Pitch Perfect". She made a really cute pillow and I started on a T-Shirt quilt made from shirts Shawn got for me while we were dating and sentimental shirts from my childhood.
      We had so much fun and I cannot wait to finish my T-shirt quilt. Also did I mention how cool Rachel is? She is super crafty- you can check out her most recent creation here! It is a rustic framed picture of a buck head silhouette and turned out really well!
     As you can tell my quilt is not finished or perfect, but I still really like it. It is such a wonderful experience to experiment and create something from something else totally different.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 Years Later

       Hello All! I started this blog three years ago, and my last post was approximately 3 years ago. Pretty short lived eh? But I have come back from hiding, and I want my voice heard to all of cyber space. Why you ask? To redeem myself!
    A few days ago my husband posted on his own blog and I was the star of the post. Now you are probably thinking, "what's so wrong with that, can't a husband show off his wife." Well, you see our relationship has not reached that peaked yet, instead my beloved spouse posted a series of photos of me falling asleep in weird places and/or positions. You can view his blog here.Yes, his very first photography series and I am the star!
   Now I want the whole world to know I LOVE TO SLEEP! I love sleep so much that I don't care where I am or how loud it is, as I will gladly fall asleep. Most parents dread bedtime, as it means 1-2 hours of laborious bargaining with their children to get them to go to bed. Of all the headaches I caused my parents, bedtime was not one of them! In fact when my older siblings would have friends over at night I would make sure they were quiet by 9 pm so I could go to bed. If they did not follow my demands I would bang as hard as I could on my bedroom wall until they got the point. One time I hit the wall so hard our family photo fell down- oops!
   Now my point in taking you all down memory lane is not to show you how easy going I was, or stubborn (depends on which way you look at it), but to prove that sleep is something to be proud of! To all my fellow sleepers out there- stand up (or lay down) and be proud of your dreaming ability!
  I am a sleeper and don't care who knows it!

I thought this post needed a picture so to show I still love my husband even after his post I decided to put up a photo from our wedding!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newspapers gone creative!

Hey girls, and flamboyant boys, I got something that you will love! Newspaper nails! I think I am like the last person to jump on this bandwagon, but better late than never!
     I had seen "newspaper" nails once or twice on facebook, but it never really drew me in. It wasn't until today that I fully appreciated the art of the newspaper nail in all it's glory.
     My good friend Jamie is the one that introduced this wonderful thing to me. She notoriously never finishes painting her nails. She has these long beautiful healthy nails, but whenever I see them they are always half painted, she never really gets around to the other side, it is quite funny actually. So today when I saw both hands painted I was amazed! It was not until further investigation that I realized that only one had was completely done up in the newspaper printed style, whereas the other remained boring and not with "The Times" (hahah get it? It's punny!). I was shocked, I was so perplexed how she got newspaper print on her nails! She said all she did was dip her dry painted nail in rubbing alcohol and then help up bits of newspaper to each finger for about 15 seconds.
      Needless to say I copied her, and it turned out AWESOME! Although I used yellow so now with the yellow and black I look a little bumble bee esk, but that is alright because I love bees!!
      Sorry this post is not really history related, and it is not even that interesting, I just had to share my excitement about the coolest thing ever! NEWSPAPER NAILS!